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Tea slurper. Chocolate scoffer. Children's author.

Once upon a time, Dhana would spend hours and hours wiggling her fingers and  blowing into things. Then one day, she decided to pack up her musical instruments and she picked up a pen. 

Dhana has a tendency to be a very serious grown-up so she writes silly stories to remind herself to loosen up and have some fun. 

Dhana lives on the sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland with one husband, two daughters and one dog.

Important personal information

  •  Dhana's never driven terrifying dodgem cars and never, ever will.

  •  Her favourite word to say is noodle

  •  She's astounded that anyone can eat pawpaw when it smells so bad.

  •  Her favourite sound is her children's giggles. 

  •  Dhana's all-time favourite food ... chocolate!! Solid, spreadable or in the form of cake. She isn't fussy.

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