How to Make a Friend in 6 Easy Steps

Illustrated by James Hart

Published by Scholastic Australia

"My name's Rosie. I  have fifty-two teeth. Would you like to play with me?"

Rosie's book says making friends is easy: there are six steps to follow. But it's not as easy as she thinks!

For ages 3-7. 

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Illustrated by Anna Demchenko

Published by Larrikin House

Ham and his friends Chops, Satay and adorable Stew, uncover a shocking farmyard secret. The animals discover they are destined for the dinner table!

Can the gang come up with a plan to save their own bacon?

For ages 3-8.



Illustrated by Anna Demchenko

Published by Larrikin House

When Stud arrives on Fickleton Farm the other farm animals aren't sure he fits in. Can Stud the Spectacular Show-Toad win them over and be accepted, warts and all?

For ages 3-8

Reviews of How to Make a Friend in 6 Easy Steps

"This tale subtly embraces perseverance, resilience and features a delightful array of sea creatures that swirl stereotypes around into a lovely vortex of friendship, guaranteed to entertain and bolster confidence both in the ocean and the school yard."

-Dim's Write Stuff - 

Feb 01, 2021

Book Bites: Under the Sea- Picture Books Going Beyond the Sea.

"This is a clever and gorgeously illustrated tale of loneliness, friendship, bravery, and giving things a go. Readers will love the humour in the visual narrative and the surprise ending." 

-My Picture Book Heart-

March 2021

Reviews of Ham

"Ham is a picture book that makes an impact. It's brash and bold, the characters are larger than life and it features an outside dunny, complete with flies, with a certain aura about it. Most importantly, it is a funny story that littlies will love."

- CBCA Reading Time -

June 2021

"There are so many great themes to explore and discuss in this story including teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, resilience, different diets and preferences. The book is entertaining and vibrant and detailed illustrations by Anna Demchenko and the fun rhyming couplets by Dhana Fox work well together to create meaning."

- Little Birdie Books -

Feb 2021

Book review of Ham by Dimity Powell - Dim's Write Stuff.

Reviews of Stud


"It's great to see a character that shows real spirit. It demonstrates to us all that respect can be earned by getting out there and having a go.

Unlike the cane toads wreaking havoc in Australia, this little guy is adorable. Kids are gunna love him. Heck, I love him!"

-Ken Williams, Reading with a Chance of Tacos-

May 2021

I was recently interviewed by Ken Williams on his podcast Reading with a Chance of Tacos.

Book trailer of Ham

Book trailer of Stud